Monday, March 8, 2010

Homestudy in a Week!

In exactly one week we have our homestudy. A homestudy is a time when a social worker comes to your home and interviews your for like 6ish hours... I will be honest with you its kind of nerve racking to think about...They ask all sorts of questions about why you want to adopt, about your childhood, and lots of "what if" type questions just to see how you might react. I think it will prove to be no big deal, but it makes me a little nervous anyway. I was forced to draw a diagram of our house and come up with the official "WILSON FIRE ESCAPE PLAN." I thought up just putting WINDOW on a blank sheet of paper, but I think they're looking for a little more than that...
Be praying for us as we prep for the homestudy, clean our house, and continue to wait on official government and Gladney approval!

Josh Wilson


Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

Hi Wilsons,
My name is Catherine Wilson :) and we just announced on our blog that we are adopting from ethiopia too. I used to lead a cell group at fellowship with amanda F. She left me a comment that you all were adopting too and gave me your blog address! Congratulations!

The funny thing is, that yesterday when I called our caseworker, she said, "this is so weird, their are 2 Catherine Wilson's from Arkansas adopting with us and I'm holding both of your paper work in my hand at the same time" Small world!

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